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The legal basis for medical activities is the permit certificate issued by the State Regulatory Agency for Medical Activities of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, which provides basis for 4 Within the attachment certificate.

             At this stage, Gudushauri Clinic is a multi-profile medical institution with high quality outpatient and diagnostic services, with urgent recipients and developed hospital sectors.
             Oh. The Gudushauri National Medical Center is not afraid of the challenges and the killings are not a desperate, complicated and nonstandard case where the overseas surgeons refused to be treated. Clinic is equipped with modern equipment and experienced personnel, which is considered to be the main achievement of the O. Gudushauri National Medical Center as a guarantee of your life and health security.


A brief history of the clinic

 Acad. Oh. Gudushauri renovated National Medical Center has been functioning since 2003. During this time he was able to win the name of one of the leading medical establishments, carrying the status of the flagship branch and keeps the trust in the customer. The clinic offers an unprecedented number of medical services to more than 100 types. In addition, the clinic has all the resources in the disaster and war cataclysms in a few hours to replace the military regime as a result of the fact that it is a well-known and highly qualified medical staff working with us.
The clinic is dignified by the name of one of the leading medical institutions of the country serving the Georgian population and foreign guests in need. Besides this, the clinic has all the resources in the disaster of the military regime for several hours during the disaster and war cataclysms. (This is a clear confirmation of this contribution during the August 2008 war in the scope of the medical services of the affected civilians and military servicemen when no one of the 800 patients received a lethality).
The clinic has retained its original architectural iersakhe.shenobas has ventlitsiis, and centralized water supply, electricity, heating and central air and centralized system, as well as autonomous power tsqaro.patsientta medical services to maintain the continuity and security of the clinic has power d Alternative water supply, backup sources .In addition, the clinic has air transport landing paths.



Emergency Medical License - N 002196
Pathologist-Anatomic Activity License - N 002197
  License of production transmissible activity - N002198
Nuclear and Radiation License License - N 000338


 Ltd. Acad. O Gudushauri is also a stationary permit certificate N000765
Radiological Activities - Comp. Tomogg. Study 00 007878
Radiological Activities - X-ray. Diagnostics N003577
Treatment of Infectious Diseases - N 003568
Reanimation_n 003565
Surgical Profile Activities N003566
Ophthalmology _N003571
Oncology-N 003570
Neurosurgery -N003572
Otolaryngology -N003569
Obstetric - gynec.profile activity - gynecology - N 003573
Obstetric - nanostal activity N 005271
Newborn Intensive Care N00572
Fischer is -N003576
Emergency medical assistance EMERJENSI _ N 003564
Dialysis N003567
Environmental Impact Permit - N000042
Authorized pharmacy approval - N 000293
Issue of medicines, prepared by drugs, including special drugs, N 000310
Laboratory Activities - Clinical Diagnostics -N 004060
Laboratory Activities - Biochemical Diagnostics - N 004061
Laboratory Activities - Immunology and Serological Diagnostics -N 004062


Medical activities


  • The clinic provides more than 100 medical services to the population, the center is spread over 320 beds and can receive over 1000 outpatient patients. The following is an incomplete list of services provided by the clinic.
  • Clinic departments incomplete list: Emergency Assistance (ER), obstetric and gynecological care, surgery (general surgery, purulent surgery, vascular surgery), therapeutic services, nevrologia_neirokirurgia, travmatologia_ortopedia, otorinilaringologia, neonatal intensive care, dialysis, radiological studies, laboratory Acts Iano, clinical, biochemical, immunological, serological detection, industrial and clinical transpuziologiuri service, and other activities patolog_anatomiuri.
  • There are more than 1,000 doctors, nurses and other support staff, including medical doctors, professors, medical sciences, who are not only in Georgia.
  • The clinic is guided by the national and international guidelines and protocols, the doctors of the clinic systematically conduct professional training, the latest information available to doctors, various diseases and the management of the situation.




Quality service

 The primary goal of the Medical Quality Control Service is to provide patients with the Center with safe and high quality examination and treatment.

 It is designed and constantly worked out the principles of working principles, practices and practice habits. The process is considered as a passion for patient and personnel satisfaction and is based on the professionalism of service personnel and constant improvement of services.

 Clinical reliability and modern data are used (for example, clinical practice guidelines, information from relevant sources and clinical standards);


 Quality study process demonstrates the whole organization's desire not only to meet the quality of health care and patient safety standards but also to exceed these requirements. It is desirable that patients and their family members take part in customer satisfaction surveys.

 The study of patient's satisfaction is constantly in the center, the ultimate aim of which is to identify general and specific problems, determine priorities, determine ways to eliminate it, eradicate any unwanted incident and avoid it in the future; The best result is the distribution of resources to be selected as a means of achieving the best results.

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