The laboratory of our clinic is equipped with modern equipment and professional staff. You will receive accurate answers in a short time!

The following types of research are carried out in our laboratory:

  • Hematological and general clinical studies;
  • Biochemical and hemostasis;
  • Immunology - Serology;
  • Microbiological research;

Hitachi cobas c 311 - With the help of biochemical analyzers, we can explore:

  • Liver function;
  • Kidney function;
  • Rheumatoid specimens;
  • Lipid spectrum;
  • electrolytes;

You can also do the following research in the lab.

  • Determination of thyroid hormones;
  • Determination of genital hormones;
  • Oncomarkeri;
  • TORCH infection;
  • Cardiac markers;

In the laboratory, pregnant women undergo serological screening tests, they can also take genetic tests of the fetus:

  • Hepatitis B analysis;
  • Hepatitis C analysis;
  • HIV infection;
  • syphilis;

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