Perinatal Center
Perinatal Center

The perinatal center leads to a close relationship with several parts. This is a division of pediatric pathology, obstetric unit and neonatal center. We are treating a pregnant woman, and we are still preparing the baby for birth in a safe place.

The newborn chose and developed obstetric tactics in the new neonatal center. This is a continuous call, which is held in our clinic. All the details needed to treat a severe newborn in one area. Time will not be lost to refer the patient to another clinic. The neonatol regiment brigade, which, if necessary, provides immediate rejuvenation of the newborn, attends all expected and difficult pregnancies.

The first "golden" minute, which largely depends on the effectiveness of further treatment. Transplantation to the neonatal intensive care unit, according to indications, is performed without a thermal circuit for a few seconds. Treatment of physiological newborns is fully consistent with current protocols. Skin is implanted (in the case of a cesarean section). Much attention is paid to the involvement of the mother in the care of the newborn. The mother is fully aware of the habits of the newborn's home and is informed about the sequence of actions in identifying "signs of danger."

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