The Department of Internal Medicine Hospital is an integral part of the National Medical Center. Gudushauri, whose main task is the diagnosis and treatment of internal organs in adults.

With the help of an interdisciplinary highly qualified team, the department will provide patients with outpatient and inpatient diagnosis and treatment at 24 hours a day.


 Functions of the Department of Internal Medicine :

• Diagnosis and treatment of hospitalized patients with diseases of internal organs,

• Intensive observation of patients and treatment of the cardiovascular system of respiration after mechanical ventilation

Rehabilitation / adaptation;

• prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory and other complications, complications during surgery. Preparing the patient’s surgery with a surgeon and an anesthesiologist .;

• Consultation of the patient in other departments of the hospital;

• Outpatient treatment of patients

• Counseling and evaluation of patients in the reception section / observation

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