Jaw-face surgery
ყბა-სახის ქირურგია

The department carries out:

  • Comprehensive inpatient and outpatient examination of patients with surgical pathology of the jaw type;
  • planned surgery of the maxillary type in the hospital mode;
  • urgent surgery of the jaw type in the hospital mode;
  • Planned and urgent surgery of the maxillary type in the outpatient mode.

The department treats the following diseases:

  • Maxillofacial Surgery Pathology
  • Inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region (odontogenic, heterogeneous, specific etiology, osteomyelitis, facial bone,
  • Furuncle, carbuncle, flushed veins on the face).
  • Traumatic damage to the soft and cool tissues of the jaw area.
  • Thin tumors of soft and cool tissues of the jaw and tumor formations.
  • The maxillofacial locomotives and congenital cysts and holes were acquired.
  • Diseases of the lower jaw joints (arthritis, arthritis, painful dysfunction syndrome, fractures, trimming, contraception, ancylosis).
  • Diseases of the salivary glands (inflammation, ulcers, dystrophic diseases, post-traumatic and congenital fistulas, benign tumors).
  • Diseases and damage to the nerves of the maxillofacial region (nerve neuralgia, neuritis, facial nerve neuralgia).
  • Surgery to restore soft and cool tissues of the jaw area (acquired and congenital defects and deformities).
  • Surgical pathology of the oral cavity:


  • Pathology of tooth extraction (difficulty in cutting, dystopia, half-holding).
  • Odontogenic and uncoordinated cysts of the jaws.
  • Traumatic injuries of the oral cavity and soft tissues of the oral cavity.
  • Severe and contrived forms of periodontal disease.
  • Oral preparation for prosthetics.
  • Tumors of the oral cavity and tumor formation.
  • Small saparei and benign tumors.

The department carries out all operations on complexity in tailoring the jaw, namely:

  • Opening of purulent-inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial area, drainage and treatment, chymorotomy;
  • Treatment of wounds of soft tissues, including defective plastic tissues.
  • Removal of benign tumors. Anatomy, cystotomy, bleeding holes;
  • Treatment of eczema and mandible pathologies with medicinal and articular injections, removal of scars from muscles, arthryplasty;
  • Extrusion of thin glands, subtotal resection;
  • remove seeds from the gastrointestinal glands, plastic fistula;
  • conservative treatment of neuralgia of the nervous system;
  • Restore the soft tissues of the face with the help of local tissues with colored legs and bone plastic.

In the department are all the difficulties in the oral cavity, namely:

  • Root root resistance, surgical treatment of osteomyelitis, rectal teeth reddening;
  • cystectomy, cystotomy, removal of fistulas;
  • gingivitomy, ginevectomy, periodontal plastic;
  • Vestibuloplasty, estrogen removal, frenulectomy, plastic surgery on the bag, tooth extraction;
  • Removal of tumors and tumor formations.
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