Thoracic abdominal surgery
Thoracic abdominal surgery

The special throttle service of the National Center Gudushauri provides emergency and planned services for nursing patients with a 24-hour regimen for the following nosologies.

  • closed chest injury;
  • all types of induced chest injuries;
  • All types of pneumonia, hemoglobin and hydrotreaths;
  • moderate injuries;
  • esophageal injury;
  • multiple rib fractures
  • spontaneous pneumothorax; Chest treatment
  • cysts of the lungs; aspergilem
  • Pulmonary econic;
  • Blueline emphysema (surgical treatment), including turquoise
  • Tumors of the lung and medial area (surgical treatment)
  • Minimally invasive (thoracoscopic diagnosis) of pulmonary, mucous and pelvic diseases
  • tumor pneumonia
  • Surgical treatment of chronic lung infections (abscesses)
  • Thoracoscopic lung rejection
  • Empyemas (agreement);
  • Thoroscopic, (vatas) reaction
  • Mediastinoscope
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