Neonatal center
Neonatal center

The following severe pathologies are observed in the neonatal intensive care unit: severe dysfunction, low blood pressure, young children in pediatrics, sweating pulmonary hypertension syndrome, pneumothorax, etc. If necessary, blood transfusions are performed successfully. In accordance with the protocols, high-frequency ventilation involves a treatment regimen. Provide positive pressure ventilation after early excess. Diagnosis and effective treatment of necrotic enterocol is timely, which helps prevent further complications.

The neonatal pathology department monitors development, which is carried out according to the latest schemes. All screening tests are available in the center, including: eye screening, which is practically minimized in cases of retinopathy in patients with reduced risk. Hemolytic disease of newborns and hyperbilirubinemia, which is based on a modern diagnostic phenomenon, is shown as timely and premature and deep premature phototherapy of newborns.

The center is equipped with a modern set of breathing apparatus, cues, equipment for observing babies, infusions, monitors, phototherapy apparatus, instruments for invasive manipulations. Special attention is paid to infection control. With the help of modern technology, taking into account the weight of the child, transmitted and other data, incubators will automatically become the environment that suits the body of a particular child. It is important that the newborn feel as if we are living in the belly of the mother. For the first time in Georgia! There was a chance that the birth of a newborn baby would be accompanied by a parent.

A parent lives with his child in specially equipped wards. Contact with the mother, contact with peeling, participation of parents in the treatment of the child will have a positive effect on the psycho-emotional relation of the child, and the desired result will be in the near future.

24/7 in the ward a personal nurse works! The existing family environment, comfort and intimacy with the child significantly reduces the risk of postpartum depression.

Your baby feels safe with you! Together we can do more!

Neonatologist service: Neonatologists have the opportunity to provide state certificates for neonatology, critical medicine and pediatrics, which allows them to manage their newborns, resuscitation and newborns. Section pathology until complete recovery.

A team of doctors constantly cares about the continuity of medical education. They are active participants in all scientific conferences held in Georgia. Together with Jewish colleagues participated in the creation of modern protocols. The internal protocol of the department is also actively developing.

Almost all syndromes and pathologies are introduced in accordance with the protocols. Close contact with doctors abroad, as reflected in internships abroad, and also performed in some of America's leading conferences. Asobenno collaborated with the Haim Shiba Medical Center, which is reflected in our Israeli colleagues at the Center with arrival and experience, as well as our doctors in Israel Internships. It is worth noting that there is contact with the leading perinatal centers of France.

Each doctor of the service is a member of the Association of Neonatologists, and the effectiveness of the Intelligence Division indicates an increase in the number of survivors in the dynamics of small and extremely small groups, which are dynamically defined and live at home.

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