Gudushauri is my clinic
Gudushauri is my clinic

Gudushauri my clinic

If you need a medical center, please visit Gudushauri Medical Center Here you will find a cozy atmosphere, attentive personal staff and professional doctors who do not leave any of your questions unanswered. The clinic provides more than 100 medical services and is one of the leading medical institutions since its foundation.

The clinic operates a partnership contract.

After signing a partnership contract, the patient will use the following services and privileges:

  • Our partner is using a personal doctor's free consultation.
  • A number of medical directions are conducted free of charge.
  • Prophylactic research once a year (different research).
  • Absolutely all medical interventions are discounted by up to 30%. (The discount is actively used in obstetrical directions).
  • The clinic is in constant contact with our partner client.

In the case of our partner, the patient is obliged to treat our clinic, except for mild cases and treatments that our clinic will not be able to implement or has no specific direction.

Oh. Patient of Gudushauri Clinic means:

  • Was protected.
  • Let's serve a group of professionals.
  • Provide quality services in any field.
  • Know about all possible options for treatment and rehabilitation.
  • It was under intensive surveillance.
  • Save time, energy and funds.
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