Why you should be treated by us
Why you should be treated by us

Gudushauri Medical Center is a multi-profile hospital and provides you with an unprecedented number of more than 100 medical services. That's why the patient is insured from us in a number of contingencies, which is often a life-threatening factor. Our clinic is frequently visited by foreign experts of various fields who give us the highest assessment. The hospital is equipped with modern technologies and highly qualified, experienced, trusted medical personnel.

The clinic is dignified by the name of one of the leading medical institutions of the country serving the population of Georgia and foreign visitors in need. Besides this, the clinic has all the resources in the disaster and war crimes in a few hours to be replaced by a military regime. This contribution has been contained within the scope of the civilian population and military servicemen of the affected population). There are no cases of carelessness in us and a large part of the clinic's staff is involved in the diagnosis process, including the representatives of the administration. If the exact diagnosis is not possible or the treatment is unsuccessful, the consilium is taken into consideration and then there is an examination of the case, which is a very important factor in the process of continuing treatment. The patient is undergoing permanent monitoring and is fully informed about its research and treatment.

The patient passes through the emergency assistance section:

It is also important that the patient is treated with a continuous chain before entering us.

  • Emergency Care Unit "Emergency".
  • Patient Recognition (Poll).
  • Evaluate and prepare objective data for research.
  • Instrumental and high-tech studies.
  • Summarizing the results of diagnostic studies conducted, correct and adequate diagnosis.
  • Transfer of the patient into the profile section in case of condition-diagnosis or in case of absence of acute pathology.

  Patient treatment process continues after these stages, in the case of diagnosis and condition in various relevant profiles, it is also important that the environment is conveniently suited to the patient and does not take any extra steps.

Because there is no one to be insured from unforeseen cases, this is why the bank operates a blood bank and many other departments that provide timely solutions to any kind of complication.

In Gudushauri clinic there was not one very complicated operation, many foreign experts refused to carry out. Our goal is to deliver our own capabilities to the masses and we want to tell everyone that quality treatment is possible in Georgia, namely prof. Oh. Gudushauri medical center. There are many examples of this, and for example the video materials listed below. To view more video material, visit the gallery page.

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