Learning center
Learning center

Programs accredited at Gudushauri National Medical Center aim to prepare a highly qualified specialist in the following specialties:

  • Orthopedia-traumatology
  • General surgery
  • Obstetrics - Gynecology;
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology and reanimatology;
  • Hematology / Transfusiology;
  • Neonatology

The Diploma Postgraduate Medical Education / Presidential Program envisages full-fledged theoretical preparation of residents and the practical skills required for the independent medical practice. Specializing in the deep clinical experience allows the number of patients and the range of diseases in the hospital's inpatient and outpatient departments. The material-technical potential for the pedagogic process is the conference room, auditorium, study rooms, library, visual and supporting study materials, facilitating theoretical full-fledged training of residents.

Each resident program is built on modules principle and includes a resident's obligation to pass all the mandatory modules, including the purpose of preparation, the list of items and skills, preparation forms, methods, duration and assessment criteria.

Once a week, the university seminar is conducted in the academic auditorium, where residents are represented by their preliminary schedule using modern technologies. The seminars are attended by the representatives of the administration: General Director G.Lobzhanidze; Clinical Director M. Zumbadze; Resident Coordinator Gumbaridze; Program Directors and Module Managers. Discussion is being held around the presented report.

Periodically, vacancies will be announced, the interested persons should take the following documents in personnel department:


  • Color photo image 3X4;
  • Copy of diploma;
  • Copy of ID card;
  • CV;
  • Document certifying the passing of the qualification (examination) examination of the diploma;
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